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This is an example of legalese from an agreement for sale

Original Version
1 sentence, 96 words
This Agreement shall be binding upon and enure for the benefit of the successors of the parties but shall not be assignable, save that the Purchaser may, at any time assign all or any part of its rights and benefits under this Agreement, including the Warranties and any cause or action arising under or in respect of any of them, to any transferee of all or any part of the Business Assets or to any Affiliate of the Purchaser who may enforce them as if he had also been named in this Agreement as the Purchaser.
The Write Way
2 sentences, 38 words
This agreement binds anyone who takes over from, or succeeds, any of the current signing parties. Only the current purchaser may transfer any part of this agreement. If they do so, the individual who receives the transfer then has the right to enforce the terms of this agreement.