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Some examples of our letter editing:

Original Letter

Dear Sirs


Further to your letter dated the 4th of July regarding the above.

We advise that the period of insurance for the above policy was from the 1st of March 1999 to the 1st of March 2000. The premium for this period was to be 46.80. This was to be paid on a quarterly basis through the account by direct debit. The first two instalments have been applied for and paid in March and June. The remaining instalments need only be paid if the policy is to continue.

If the policy is to continue we require either a cheque for 23.40 or the completion of a direct debit mandate for two instalments of 11.70 to be debited in September and December 2000. A direct debit mandate is enclosed for completion and return if this is desirable.

We trust that this situation is now clarified and look forward to hearing from yourselves.

Yours faithfully

The Write Way Version

Dear Mr S

Policy 1234

Thank you for your letter of 4 July regarding Mr D M W's washing machine policy.

The policy premium was 46.80 and runs from 1 March 1999 to 1 March 2000. The first two quarterly instalments were paid in March and June.

If your clients wish to continue the policy, they should forward a cheque for 23.40, or complete and return the enclosed direct debit form, so that we can collect two payments of 11.70.

I hope this has clarified the policy details, but if you need further information, please contact us again quoting the policy and reference numbers.

Yours sincerely