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Online, Real Time Writing Training & Editing

Help with your documents online Whether you are struggling with a difficult to word customer service letter, or trying to present your recommendations in a persuasive manner, we can help you in real time, online.

We can show you or your team members how to re-structure documents to make them clear and effective.

These online sessions are suitable for anyone who:

  • needs to quickly edit an important work document;

  • would like to see where their documents lack clarity or a persuasive voice;

  • wants to make sure that their documents are reader friendly and clear;

  • supervises the writing of others and needs help with editing.

Session duration

We can work with you on your document until you are totally satisfied that it conveys your message in the tone of voice that you intended.
We can run sessions of any duration, from 30 minutes to five hours.

What you gain

Your employees will see how to produce clearly written documents, saving time and effort and you can be sure that whatever the document type, the reader will receive text that creates a positive impression.


We work online, either with groups or one-to-one for an hourly rate of 60; this includes our time preparing your documents in advance

If you would like to find out more about on-line writing coaching, or to talk to us about your documents, please contact us for further information.